Text messaging campaigns, voter data, and social media networking

You are in your campaign to win. PolitiKlout can provide you with the voter data, voter targeting and social monitoring necessary to give you a winning edge.

American ComputerWhile mass-messages and broadcasted news have their time and place, the entire point and purpose of PolitiKlout is to help you cut through the noise to optimize your chances of getting your message in front of relevant voters. And whether you’re looking to maintain an already high-speed campaign or build one from the ground up, PolitiKlout offers you the tools and data you will need to successfully leverage your online outreach efforts.

Having influence, amplification and reach on social media and other outreach channels is one thing; integrating and leveraging those connections is entirely something different. All too often, outreach campaigns – political or otherwise – emphasize the importance of broadcasting information and neglect to take the necessary steps to grow the community with whom they would like to interact. PolitiKlout identifies those constituents you are most likely to want access to and the channels those constituents are already using, and then provides you the means to connect with them directly.

Too many campaigns depend almost exclusively on broadcasting to an already noisy social medium. Such an approach minimizes the likelihood that your content will get seen, and reduces your chances of attracting stakeholders to your cause.

With PolitiKlout, you’ll get the information and tools you need to specifically target the voters you’re looking to attract in a way that will optimize your chances of being heard.